'A word fitly spoken is like apples
of golden pictures of silver.'

(Proverbs 25:11)


Words have power. They always do something, always set something in motion. Good words are worth gold and if they are spoken or written in the right circumstances, they are engraved in "silver" (according to the literal Hebrew translation of Proverbs 25:11).

Gold is the only metal that is indestructible. So it is with these golden apples of fitting words. They are too precious to put in a plastic bag. To do their job in all its completeness, they prefer to be engraved (or pictured) in silver. Shiny and eye-catching, because they may be seen!

I like to paint words that matter: words that build up and that give direction and joy; words that can be a help for us and maybe even for generations to come. Often I paint these words on flat stones. Would you like to know why? Then click here.